Corporate Responsibility
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Corporate Responsibility

Gold Explorations takes pride in our commitment to operating our activities at only the highest standards of ethical, social and environmental practices that meet or exceed those set forth by the Peruvian Government, Chilean Government and internationally recognized business standards.

In order to fully meet these prescribed high standards, Gold Explorations has laid out four main pillars of this social contract, which helps to guide and shape the decisions we make on a daily basis:

  • We will at all times respect the environment by adhering to our Environmental Management Plan, which describes clearly how we monitor and control water quality, air pollution and noise pollution to minimize or eliminate impact.
  • Maintain a high standard of Health and Safety involving a dedicated committee, to oversee our ongoing compliance with all applicable health and safety standards across the scope of our operations.
  • Ensure that a high standard of corporate social responsibility is at all times maintained through a program involving the utilization of workshops, community meetings and development programs that allow us to better appreciate and understand the varied needs of local persons and how best to satisfy these.
  • Provide continuous and dependable support of worthwhile community development projects to increase the living standards of those living in the communities we operate in as well as providing for additional corporate social responsibility programs aimed at assisting Peruvian and Chilean students and their schools and other institutions of learning.