Environmental and Social Responsibility
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Environmental and Social Responsibility

The Environmental Management Plan prescribed by Gold Explorations ensures that our company and partners are at all times in complete compliance with all applicable Chilean and Peruvian mining legislation. The plan addresses the following areas that are under the supervision of our company's Environmental Management Unit (EMU) which is located at our Head Office in Lima.

  1. Monitoring and reporting of water quality, air pollution and noise at all of our sites, with Bi-annual reports to be submitted promptly to the relevant regulatory authorities.
  2. In order to better prepare our Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) these will be sub-contracted to those firms with a strong track record of specialty in these areas, for additional improvement before being submitted to the relevant authorities.

The world's attention towards, the impact of mining on environmental and social conditions is a very important consideration for our company and peers in our industry. Recently the Peruvian government introduced a series of new mining laws aimed at formalizing the country's mining sector. These changes reinforced the obligation of mining companies operating in Peru to adequately consult with and obtain the approval of indigenous communities living and working near any mining project. Special emphasis has also been placed on understanding a project's sustainability, not simply as a measure of the operational life of a mine, but rather the direct environmental and social impact created by the project. To better address this issue, we at Gold Explorations are actively involved in the promotion and implementation in the surrounding communities near our operations, of additional sustainable activities aimed at providing an improved standard of living and well-being for all peoples living there.

In order to provide these increased standards in our operations we have taken the following actions at a number of our more developed sites with the intention of these measures being extended to all sites once they enter a minimum of second stage development. These measures include:

The construction and running of an occupational health clinic at our main operations, carrying a full time medical doctor and nurse on staff. Increased monitoring of all occupational health hazards, including exposure to noise in addition to mercury and other heavy metals to all of our onsite workers with an annual complete medical check-up to be performed in addition to those required at the beginning and end of their employment contract. The purchase of fully-equipped ambulances to be deployed at all major sites, these as well as medical personnel will also help to serve local communities.