Ramon Acosta has been Gold Explorations' CEO and President since 2004 when the company was initially founded. Ramon Acosta has worked extensively in the mining industry in South America for over 25 years in a range of roles including directing small scale exploration and surveying companies providing mine site services. With his entire career heavily focused on the mining industry in South America, he has amassed a practical and in depth knowledge required for the successful management of mineral resource companies operating in the region.
Holding an MSc in Geology as well as an Engineering degree from the Universidad National de Ingeniería, Javier Ramirez has worked for 8 years for the Peruvian mining company Buenaventura S.A.A., before joining Gold Explorations in 2006, taking up his position as Chief Geologist following his successful stint as our Head Field Geologist. Javier brings to us at Gold Explorations his in-depth knowledge learned from extensive field study in Peru and Chile of gold, silver, tin, tungsten as well as other polymetallic deposits, in addition to Skarn-type deposits.
Starting his career as a CPA in 1990 primarily serving clients in the mining industry until early 1997, Christian Sosa went on to serve as CFO of Diagio Exploration Services, a pilot mining operation located in Mexico. Christian joined the Gold Explorations management team in 2007, taking on the positions of Vice-President and CFO after nearly two decades of experience involving accounting and finance within the mining industry throughout South America.
Ricardo Diaz is a highly experienced mining engineer in addition to being a respected member of the Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú. Ricardo has over 20 years' of practical experience in gold and copper mining, holding an engineering degree as well as a Masters in mine management. From 1999 up until 2005 he worked as a Plant Superintendent for Minera Dynacor Del Perú, before joining Gold Explorations as our General Manager. Ricardo Diaz is currently the driving force behind the expansion of our company's gold recovery business in Peru, a key facet of Gold Explorations aggressive expansion plans for the region.